Sunday, January 24, 2016

9 November 2015 Letter

Well this week has flown by super fast. We worked super hard and have really seen the fruits. In the past weeks we have been able to "rescue" about four inactives from inactivity and are now coming every week after we taught them all the lessons and they were interviewed by Bishop Luis. We have also had an amazing baptism and have about four people with baptismal dates for the next transfer. I am content with my work here because I know I am giving my all and so I know that the Lord is also content with me.

We have transfers this next week so this could be my last transfer here. But the truth is that I really have no idea if I am staying or going. I have had impressions that I am staying and others that I am going. I really want to stay here because I love this ward and this area. Thanksgiving and Christmas are both in this next transfer and I would love to stay here for those holidays. This holiday season is interesting and it really is a bit difficult. Maybe we can find people 'cause they are with their families and all that stuff but lots of people use that as an excuse to not listen to us. We are just starting out but they are already selling Christmas stuff and it is getting hot again (yeah, weird, I know).

Something that I have really learned is that no effort is in vain. Every thing we do has consequences. Some are immediate, others take time, and others are eternal. I just heard about three people from my last ward in Portada del Sol that are getting baptized. The funny thing is that I found two of them and started the teaching and thought that they would never progress or that they weren't ready. Maybe I will be able to go back and see the baptisms but I am not sure. I know that planting that seed was my job and the reason I was in that area.

We can see this every day and I know this is an eternal principle. Nothing we do is in vain. The saying really sounds better in Spanish, "Ningun esfuerzo es en vano." There is probably a better translation for that. We have to do everything possible that we think or feel or are prompted we should do so that when we walk away (transfers), we are happy and the Lord is happy for us. I know this is true.

Love you all and thank you for the prayers.

Elder Wilcox


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