Sunday, January 24, 2016

30 November 2015 Letter

Well, this week was cool! On Monday we just went to the church to play soccer and ultimate frisbee which was all fun. This week was tiring.

I was reading in Our Search for Happiness by Elder Ballard from the 12. There is a part about a story of a fireman who kept running in and out of a burning building, each time with a child in his arms. The people told him to stop because the building was going down but he kept going back in. He saved 5 children from certain death and ran in one more time .The people outside told him there were no more children, but he insisted saying he swore he saw another child. The building collapsed with an explosion before he could come back out the last time. After hours of picking up the rubble and wreckage, they fould the fireman's body next to a crib, huddled protectively over an unharmed and unscratched...porcelain doll.

This story moved me to tears. I think of sacrifices that good people make everyday for others. Afterwards it talkes about the greatest sacrifice of them all. That of our Savior. He died for all of us. I wondered why reading that story about the fireman made me cry, but the part about Christ's sacrifice didn't. Its not that I don't appreciate it or am not eternally grateful for it, it is just that I realized we are so easy to forget, or cease to be grateful. I think we can all do better in thanking God every day for giving his Son for us. And using that sacrifice in the way we should. Having faith and repenting every day.

I am out of time but would like to write more. I have another couple of things but I will have to write them next week.


Elder Wilcox

Alex Vilca's baptism this Saturday.
Elder Nunja (in white) came back from his area to baptize him)


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