Sunday, January 24, 2016

11 January 2016 Letter

Well this week, nothing really special happened. We did find like 3 new families to teach and they are all pretty cool. We found one just knocking doors and they let us in. The other one was a reference from a member. They are a PF (part-member family). They have one son who is a member. The last family just showed up to church but they didn't come yesterday.

The cool thing recently was a few weeks ago in Ñaña, the Cajavilca family and Max and his wife were both married! And then the Cajavilca parents (Juan and Norma) and Max all got baptized, all in the same day. It was so cool to hear that and I was just overwhelmed with happiness. Juan and Norma both asked if I could go back to baptize them after their baptismal interviews. It turned out that the Zone Leader forgot completely and never askeed permission from President so I never got to go and found out it happed like 3 days after the fact. I was pretty bummed, but I know I did my part. I was too happy to find those people, teach them, love them and then find out that right as I left, they could finish the job. Now, in a year from now, they will be sealed in the holy temple. Awesome!!!!

Elder Wilcox

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