Sunday, January 24, 2016

4 January 2016 Letter

Wow... what a crazy week. So we have been able to progress a lot here in Santa Clara and I think it will only get better here. This first week of the transfer was a bit rough, being New Years and all, but I am really looking forward to this transfer. Elder Escribano and Elder Birkeland left us here in Santa Clara and my new comp Elder Gonzalez came. We were good friends over in the Chaclacayo stake so this should be awesome. He is the first comp that i actually have known before the transfers.

Elder Birkeland left and Elder Wilson came in!! I can't believe it. I think President is testing us to see if we will be obedient or something. I know there will only be success. The four of us here are going to do work. I think it is great that the four of us get along so well because it is something this ward really needs.

Elder Gonzalez is 20 years old and has almost 22 months in the mission so I will probably be "killing" him... finishing his mission. He is from Ayacucho, PerĂº - my fourth Peruvian, but the first that isn't from the north. We have three investigators right now with baptismal dates and some less-active members with rescue dates as well. Also, we are finding a lot of new people together. He is a good guy and a great missionary, applying all he has learned in all his other areas. What a stud.

Today we will probably watch a movie and play soccer and eat pizza, probably not in that order.

This week we had a cool experience finding a teenager. His name is Kevin and he is a friend of Alex - the kid that recently was baptized. This is the third person he has brought to us since he has been baptized. The kid is cool and I don't know if he will ever be baptized but I do see Alex's testimony increasing more and more. He comes out with us almost every day to the lessons and it is great to have him bear his testimony with others investigating the church, seeing that any normal person can have their prayers answered and be baptized - even if they were baptized for tradition in the Catholic church haha.

It is so important that we introduce people to the Elders. It is okay if they feel a bit uncomfortable. If they aren't super ready or prepared, it is OK. If they dont get baptized, it is OK! Just do your part and share the gospel. It doesn't matter if they say no. If you dont ask them, they will never be able to say yes, will they?

Love you guys. Then make this a great year!!!

Elder Wilcox

(Note: Wes sent many many pictures of a wedding where two couples were married, some investigators we believe.  It appears the baptisms followed the wedding.  I'll post just a few . . . )


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