Sunday, January 24, 2016

14 December 2015 Letter

This week was probably one of the hardest in all of my mission. We thought that the fast would help a lot and that things would change but they actually took a turn for the worst. This week in total we only had 15 lessons. That left us with hours upon hours with nothing to do, all because the whole week, we didn't have a single person to accompany us to the lessons. That means that in homes where there are only women, we couldn't get in. Almost all of our investigators are women, so we had a super slow week. My comp is struggling too and isn't really wanting to work so I feel like I am pulling a lot of the weight. I try to motivate and encourage him, but it is hard. We knocked doors and street contacted like mad men this week. We talked with hundreds of people, literally. I found though, that as I did things with a good attitude, we found a lot of great people and are looking forward way more to the coming weeks.

It is never worth it to have a bad attitude.

So this week we are having Keysi's baptism and we are excited. She always had some doubts in the past but never really opened up to us. We finally found out what it was. She might be moving in the near future to super far away and didn't want to be baptized 'cause she didn't know if the church would be there where she was moving to. We helped her see the church is everywhere and it is the same everywhere. She is ready now, without any fears.

Love everyone and this week think about what you plan on giving our Heavenly Father and Savior for Christmas,

Elder Wilcox

The companionship


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