Thursday, October 29, 2015

27 October 2015 Letter

Okayy... So this past week was kinda cool.  We really didn't think that Erick would be able to be baptized last week 'cause he didn't have all the lessons but we were able to meet with him enough and he passed his baptismal interview on Friday and Saturday he was baptized.  It was really cool and he was already converted to the church before his baptism so I really am not worried about him falling away.  He seemed so happy the next day at church and he has already changed in the short time that I know him.  I will send pictures.

Also, another experience we had was on Sunday night (2 Sundays ago), a guy showed up to the church when we were supposed to have a lesson with Erick, but he didn't show up.  So we had the opportunity to teach Max, really we just talked with him.  He is the boyfriend of a less-active member named Pamela.  They have a 1-yr-old daughter and they have had problems before.  He told us through sobs that they had separated again (this was really the first time we talked to him) and that it was bad this time and how he just didn't want to lose his family.  That it was the only reason he was happy.  That he didn't know what to do and he just felt like the only other place he could go was the church.  We have been visiting him and his family and it doesn't look like they will be back to together, at least not for a long time.  But he has a baptismal date for the last week of the transfer and is really showing real intent and a sincere heart in wanting to change and repent. He isn't a bad guy, he really is a great guy, but it is inspiring to see the lengths he is going to to get his family back and to show his wife he can change.

I love being there for people when they need comfort, help or love.  I love helping those who need it.  I think of the beatitudes that Christ taught and how we can be so blessed for following them.  I feel a true happiness trying to be more like Christ and just doing what I think and feel he would do.

'Cause that's my job.

Thank you all and love you all.

Elder Wilcox


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