Monday, June 1, 2015

1 June 2015 Letter

Week 18

Short letter this week. But it was a good week. It was my last week with our beloved Elder Espinel. He will be leaving tomorrow and I will get a new companion here in Portada. I am a bit nervous but we will find out more details later today. So today we will pack his bags, trade ties (tradition apparently), and visit some people to take pictures and he will say his goodbyes. It is really hard to say goodbye to these people. At least it has been for him. That time hasn't come yet for me but I know it will be hard when the time does come.

This week we had a training for the end of my twelve week training period in La Molina. We learned a lot and decided to put a few things in practice. Our main goal was to invite. As missionaries, if we are just teaching and teaching and telling people we can save their soul and yada yada yada, and not inviting them to baptism, we are practically useless. So this week we directly and strongly asked people to be baptized. And guess what?  We have a few people who have committed to baptism.  I am not really sure why we weren't doing it before but we are doing it now.  These people are ready, we just need to invite them.

I am gonna send some pictures today. So that is why it is short. Love you all. Thanks for your prayers! Try to be more like Jesus!

Elder Wilcox

Our candle lit romantic dinner
(just a minute before there had been
a blackout for three hours.
In like all of Lima)

Oscar and Wendy had their baby. Owen!

Our chapel

Pollo de mani con camote. Mmmm.

Naty and Fernando - recent converts
(as of four days before I got here)

Return missionaries - the only people that come out with us.
One served with Elder Thibault in Puerto Rico.

Familia Fabian. We are working with the dad,
Luis who is not a member. The dog is Leon. He is crazy.

Jose Luis (an inactive member who found us in the street
and told us he wanted to come back)
His girlfriend and daughter. They are planning to get married
so we can baptize her. She is Nelly and the baby is Arianna.

TurrĂ³n. Rico.

My group. This was Tuesday.

The Funny dog

Donuts by Hermana Jeny

It was cool enough to wear a sweater.
Chompa here in Peru

Familia Huamani.  The mom is Noemi (single mother).
Her daughter is Antonette.

The twins are Gonzalo and Marcello.
Still don't know which is which haha.
They are the cutest dudes ever. They love us missionaries too :)

Crazy kids