Sunday, January 24, 2016

28 December 2015 Letter

Well, this week was awesome. It was Christmas (as you probably all know) and it was a bit different here in Perú. They have some traditions that are a bit different but it is all pretty much the same. The main thing to eat is called Panetón which is like fruitcake but it is actually really good. Also, hot chocolate. YES! They celebrate Christmas more at 12 oclock [midnight] on the 24th right when it changes to the 25th with fireworks for like 30 minutes straight. I couldn't sleep. I looked out the window and I saw fireworks (ones that would be way illegal in the States) as far as I could see. It was crazy.

This week we didn't have a lot of lessons but we had a lot of fun and spent time together as missionaries here in the stake and also with the families in our ward that felt bad for us 'cause our investigators didn't want to let us in. I was happy though becasue despite all that we still found a way to find a lot of new investigators. We found two that came to church last week and then taught them, put a baptismal date, they accepted and then came to church this week! It was really cool. Hopefully they will continue progressing. One is Ivett and the other is Alisson. They are both super cool and are super receptive. We have another too that we want to challenge to baptism. Pray for them and for us.

Today we will find out the transfer information and I have no idea what will happen. The most probable is that my comp and I will stay together, knowing my mission president. I am ready for whatever comes, hoping for more learning experiences.

Elder Wilcox

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