Monday, August 24, 2015

24 August 2015 Letter

We will find out about transfers today.  I feel like we will both stay, not really sure why 'cause that would be strange, but it is possible.  This week was a bit difficult because we didn't really have some one to accompany us to our lessons where only women were present so we missed out on a lot of appointments.  It is a tough rule.  We could enter and nobody would know but it is better to follow the rules, for whatever reason.  The highlight of the week was the baptism of Hermana Alicia, an 18-yr-old girl, Daniela's older sister.

But first, last Monday was a blast.  All the sister missionaries of the mission had P-day (preparation day) together and so that left us Elders here free to go out to Chosica and spend the day with the Elders in that other zone.  It was the first time I had done a multi-zone p-day.  We played soccer and american football with all the guys and it was super fun.  I also got to spend that time with Elder Espinel and Elder Wilson.  It was way cool to see them and talk about what had happened since the last time we talked.

The baptism all went well.  Elder Cornejo was able to baptize her.  Afterwards she gave a super powerful and strong testimony.  The whole time I was just smiling so big and so happy.  This work really does make me happy and I love seeing a strong conversion.  There is nothing like it.  After Alicia gave her testimony, she came up to me and asked me why I was laughing at her in her testimony!!  Haha, I tried explaining to her I was just super happy and excited, but maybe she didn't get it all the way.  Thats OK.  I love all you guys and thanks for the prayers.

Elder Wilcox

Alicia's baptism 1

Alicia's baptism 2

Alicia's baptism 3, with all the YAS (don't know,
Young Single Adults?) and the Bishop

Cold water!

Alicia's baptism 4

Being weird

with Elder Wilson

with Elder Espinel

Daughter of my pensionista with her niece


Saturday, August 22, 2015

17 August 2015 Letter

So this week was super cool.  We had a great week number-wise.  We were able to meet and have interviews with President Boswell.  We had two baptisms and a great Sunday.  Today we are going up to Chosica to play soccer with that zone.  I will be able to see Elder Espinel and Elder Wilson. Should be a blast.  I think we are going to play soccer.

This week I have really noticed that my companion, Elder Cornejo, and I are really learning how to work together, and we are getting to know the area better.  So, we are working better and more efficiently.  Using your time wisely and with responsibility is something we really learn here in the mission.  I am glad I am learning this stuff because before, I wasn't even a bit responsible or wise with my time.  It really is a valuable lesson.  President said we might be staying together another transfer, which I would love.

The baptism was also great.  We baptized two primary aged kids named Arez, and Suha.  They are super smart and are ready to be members.  We have another baptism planed the following week, and another investigator just committed to a date for the week after that.  Hopefully all will go well.  I know lots of times it doesn't, but I have found it is better to have faith in and trust the people, even if we get disappointed.  We develop a greater love for that person, and that is what our Father in Heaven wants and I think it is what Jesus would do.

Elder Wesley Wilcox

Random Pic 1

Random Pic 2

Random Pic 3

Random Pic 4

Random Pic 5

Random Pic 6

Baptism 1

Baptism 2

Baptism 3

How to eat like a Peruano 1

How to eat like a Peruano 2


Friday, August 14, 2015

10 August 2015 Letter

Week somthin

So this week was awesome and we had some really awesome lessons and some great times.  We were able to have a great lesson with the Cajavilca family on Monday and had a strong lesson full of all the good stuff a lesson needs.  We shared some great scriptures in 3 Nephi 11 and had Daniela, the girl who was just baptized, bear her testimony for us all.  We invited Alicia, the older sister to be baptized and finally she said yes.  Her baptism will be this coming Saturday with two others we had planned. The testimonies of new converts are so awesome. They are simple and strong. They don't know a lot, but what they do know, they know is true and it is the best.

One of the branches in my stake doesn't have a baptismal font in their building, so they came here for their baptism, and they invited an old Elder who served there to attend. The Elder came but with another Elder who was his district leader. It was Elder Espinel, my father in the mission and my dear friend. It was so awesome to meet up with him and talk about our missions and new areas, and rejoice and lament over the past successes or downfalls in good old Portada del Sol, my first area.

This week should be awesome, we have interviews with the mission president and then three baptisms the next day. Super excited for all that!

Love you guys.

Elder Wilcox


3 August 2015 Letter

Well, lots to say today, so I will get started. Even though now I have 6 months in the mission, I still feel like the least of all these missionaries. I have so much to learn. I have so much to improve. Some of these Elders and Hermanas may not even have great Spanish, but they are missionaries. They know how to answer every single question perefectly. I hope that all my study and learning will enable me to become like them. Man, I wish I would have payed attention is Seminary.

This week we had some awesome things happen but first I wanted to say something I didn't have time to address the last week. Last week I had the amazing opportunity to attend the temple again. I was so excited and even more excited when as I was waiting in a side room with my zone to go into a session, and someone walked into the room and grabbed my hand, and pulled me up out of the chair to hug me. I was so excited to see that it was good old Elder Underwood from my ward back home in Eagle. We talked for just a while, super stunned and overjoyed to see each other. It was way different than just shaking his had at a mutual back home. I had to go to my session so I said good-bye and then walked away. As I was about to enter the session-room when Elder Smith from Eagle 4th ward walked out of the Celestial room. I think he didn't recognize me at first but then we embraced, just as Elder Underwood came back and we all hugged together in the middle of the temple. It was an amazing experience, not just seeing two friends, but seeing two fellow servants in the work of our Lord. I really love those guys and tried to let them know without it being all weird 'cause we are still 3 dudes and not sister missionaries that cry for everything. But I wanted to cry and know that it was a tender mercy from the Lord to be able to see them in the house of our Lord. I wished them good-bye and good luck for two years and that finishes up that special occasion. What a blessing.

This week we found lots of people from knocking doors and also had a special Saturday. We had our first baptism of the transfer. I talked a bit about Daniela the last week but we had a great and beautiful baptismal service. Later, she gave her strong testimony and powerfully said that as she left the water she felt like an example to the rest of her family, who we are also teaching. Hopefully they will be baptized this month too.

I love this work and this gospel. I am so grateful that we aren't lost in this world. We know exactly why we are here and what we need to do. We know everything we need to know to receive all the blessing the Father has to offer us, his beloved children.

See you all next week.

Elder Wilcox

Proselyting activity from Elders from the CCM.
I left for the afternoon in Huaycan with this Argentino and Chileno

Baptism of Daniela

Daniela's baptism