Sunday, January 24, 2016

21 December 2015 Letter

Hi everybody.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! From Peru :) I hope everyone has a wonderful week with their families and if they're away from fam, that it is great too.

Last week we all received letters from the First Presidency and they were super cool. I took a pic but left the camera in my room. Also, Elder Holland wrote our mission president who sent the letter to all of us wishing us a Merry Christmas along with a brief but very special message. This past week we did not have Keysi´s baptism because we haven't been able to find her to teach her and she thought she would just get baptized on Friday. We explained to her the order of things, but we aren't sure when it will happen. This girl is way too busy for a 15 yr old.

This week we had a few Christmas activities as well. On Saturday we had a stake one in the morning where we went super far up into the hills and 2 hours before the activity went and knocked doors inviting everyone to come for free hot chocolate, panetón, haircuts and gifts. So many came and it was sweet. We played with all the millions of little kids and sang for them. They were all so poor but also poor in spirit. Love this time of year where everyone serves each other. It is how we should always try to be. This weekend could be super great - the last one of the transfer!  We shall see.

Elder Wilcox


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