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23 November 2015 Letter

Hey everybody!

News!! Well, I got transferred to a new area and a new Stake. I am in the Santa Clara ward in the Vitarte Stake. It is the biggest stake here in the mission. There are 26 missionaries and like 10 or 11 wards. My ward has four Elders, so there are two companionships. We live in the same apartment building and it is a load of fun.

My new comp is Elder Escribano from Perù, Chiclayo. He is 20 and has 18 months in the mission. This is his third mission, as he has been reassigned, and had a few problems in his mission(s). I am here to help him, just as he is here to help me. I know I can learn a lot from him. He is a great guy and very spiritual.

The other Elders in the ward are cool too. Elder Birkeland from Orlando, Florida and Elder Flores from Arequia, Perù. I am still learning the area, how to get around, people's names and all that fun stuff. We eat breakfast in the room here and do all our own laundry which is time consuming but fun :)

This week we found a lot of new people to teach. This area is interestng. There are some normal parts. SUUUUUper poor parts and a rich part with a golf course. We haven't gone there yet and probably won't be spending much time there. We have a baptism this Saturday and hopefully another in a few weeks. Alex is 17 and has always accompanied the missionaries, is the son of a convert, but never wanted to be baptized. He was very cold on the subject. This past week, right before I got here they challenged him to baptism and he accepted! So now we are preparing him like crazy, teaching him every day so he can pass his interview this Thursday, even though we already know he will pass. He is a cool dude.

We are working hard because this ward is not very supportive. They just recently opened up my area so we don't have much. We are going to organize a bunch of activities and cool ideas to encourage the members and get them to help us out, 'cause no matter how good the missionaries are, if the ward isn't right there with them the whole time, it is suuuper hard, and even if some people get baptized, they will easily inactivate right after.

There is a lot of work to do here, but we are going to work hard.

Also, super funny thing - well 2.

1. a girl hugged me after a lessons where their whole family was crying in a first lesson when we knocked on their door tracting... I had no idea what to do.

2. My comp was comps with Elder Ysla in Arequipa, Perù while they were both waiting for their visas to leave the country. Elder Ysla served in our ward when I left on my mission. We are going to try to do a get together here in Lima! It is a small world!

Love you all. Thanks for the support.

Elder Wilcox

Elder Escribano, or as I sometimes call him:
Elder Escribaño


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