Thursday, October 29, 2015

19 October 2015 Letter

Buenos dias todos.

Well this week was pretty cool.  Something that happened during that last 3 or 4 weeks with Elder Cornejo is that we got so caught up in baptizing our investigators and taking them to the temple that we almost forgot that we had no others ready or close to being baptized.  So the last three weeks we had to look and look, contacting and knocking doors a lot.  It was really tough and we weren't too stoked about the work.  Now, Elder Altamirano has cheered me and the area up and we are preparing a baptismal service this Saturday for a 23-yr-old dude named Erick Silva.  He is super cool.  He just showed up to church one day.  And now he is making sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father.  We also have a few more with dates:  Nicol (17), Miguel (14), Yamer (18), and Cristian (17).  It is exciting.

We also watched this video that my comp has about the sacrament.  I am not sure what it is called.  [video title supplied in separate message:  'El Sacrificio y la Santa Cena']  Something like Sacrifices and the Sacrament.  It is kinda an old video but super cool.  It talks about the relationship between the sacrifices of old and the Sacrament.  It really made me treasure up more the sacrifice of the Savior and what the Sacrament really means.  I think about that video always in Sacrament mtg and it is amazing how I feel.

Erick is the one who hopefully will be baptized this Saturday.  He is 24 and a great guy.  Yesterday as we talked with him wondering why it had been so hard to find him to teach him, he told us he was way more busy at work now and it would be harder to teach him Monday-Friday.  We were both a bit bummed.  Then he told us it was because he had asked for a change of schedule at work where he would have to work way more in the week so that he could be sure he would get Sunday off every week.  I was frankly stunned and I think my comp too.  We hadn't even taught him Dia de Reposo [Sabbath Day].  It was so cool to see the change this dude is making in his life, even before we teach him.  The Spirit can make people change.  I know that for sure.  I love this Gospel and seeing the change it makes in people.

I love this work.  I love this Gospel.  I love you all.  I love everything.  Yes, even rice :)

Elder Wilcox


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