Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 October 2015 Letter

Well, that was a super week.  Monday we did a gift exchange, watched Monsters University, and played soccer.  Way fun.  We only had three full days of work this week.  Two were occupied by General Conference.  I got to see every session, and all in my native language and live, which was a blessing.  More about the conference later...

Thursday we took a trip to the temple in the afternoon with Israel and Alicia, two recent converts who have been baptized in the past two months.  We had a great experience doing baptisms for the dead in the Lima temple and we got to be the witnesses while a member from the YAS accompanied us to perform the baptisms.  I saw that they really changed walking out of the temple, really understanding more about it and the Plan of Salvation, and the perfection in it.  I remembered how sacred and special the House of the Lord is and why we need to go there.

Our mission President always talks about how the goal is not baptism, but the temple.  I understand why now.  Baptism is only the third of five of the principles of the gospel.  Going to the temple to receive other saving ordinances and help others receive them is part of the last step - endure to the end!  Being able to not only help people receive a baptism, but also help them in the long process of enduring to the end is a miracle.

I love this work.  It is not the work of Baptism.  It is the work of Salvation.  I am really understanding and loving what Alma described as being an instrument in the Lord´s hands.  Or as someone described it in Conference: placing myself of the center of the potter´s wheel so He can mold and shape me, and helping others to place themselves of the center of the potter's wheel.

Love all you guys. I really do.

Elder Wilcox


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