Monday, March 21, 2016

29 February 2016 Letter

This week I just wanted to talk about baptism.  'cause that is what we are preppin' to do here. We have Alex's baptism this Saturday and we will see what will happen. We have been working hard and praying for the Comombian family and after a great lesson on Thursday, we invited them to baptism and they now have a date for the 26th of March.

We also have Oscar they guy I wrote about last week. He came to church this week with his family. We walked in with them all and everyone saw and their jaws dropped to the floor every one. Even the bishop was so surprised that he stood up and welcomed Oscar personally in Sacrament meeting.

Everyone knows them and later asked how we did it, how much we paid him haha. But we really didn't do anything. Everyone has their time. He is a very skeptical and critical dude, and seemed comfortable but still a bit nervous at church. They let out some deep doctrine in Elders Quorum and he was asking questions too.

That night, last night, we had a lesson with him on faith and repentance. At the end he told us everything, that before he was in drugs and drinking and escaped, but through the addiction to cigarettes. He wants help. He wants to quit. Then he asked how long us 2 would be here in Villa Hermosa. Then he said he asked that because he wants Elder Sanchez to baptize him before he leaves!! Whatttt!!!????

God works in mysterious ways but I am okay with that. Happiness is the end result always. Always.

I know that this church is true. These things don't just happen. All is part of a wise purpose.

Elder Wilcox

Papito Espinel

Sweet sweet ceviche. Saturday is always fish day in the pension

Slushie time. First one in a year

This is a chola hat

(The following is some correspondence between Wesley and his trainer.  I'm including it here simply to have is as part of the record of his mission.)

Wesley's 2/22/2016 letter to Elder Espinel:
Q tal papa!! Veo q sigues ahi en Salamanca!!! Locazo son casi 5 cambios o algo asi no? te extraño mucho y me di cuenta q tu tiempo ya es corto. le falta poco. Haz todo lo posible por trabajar con toda diligencia hasta el fin!!!! hasta pronto en la multizona!!

Elder Wilcox

Elder Espinel's 2/29/2016 response:
Mijitoo!!! que gusto fue poder verte en la multizona, has crecido bastante y debes seguir haciendolo y bueno tambn extraño hablar contigo ejejje de todas esas cosas!! pero bueno , asi es el tiempo va pasando y uy!!!! :O cuando uno menos piensa ya esta es casi afuera!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😨 jaja sabes...? hoy me mandaron mi itinerario de salido :P es loco esto , pero bueno a disfrutar lo que queda!!!!!!!!!! Exitos mijooo!! trabaja!! te quieroooo!


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