Monday, February 22, 2016

22 February 2016 Letter

This week was super cool. I learned a lot about patience and hope. Knowing that through our obedience, good things will come is hope! We were both a bit frustrated last night at dinner because we had just had a stressful appointment with an investigator. His name is Oscar. He is married to his wife Tina, who is a recent convert along with their two children. He has never wanted anything to do with the missionaries, but he accepted a lesson with Elder Sanchez and I and read his Book of Mormon! That was cool.

Then last night we had our lesson with him and found that he was even more closed up than normal. He was almost contending with us, trying to deny the simple truths we taught. He refused to go to our church, not understanding why it is important to actually congregate. We did teach very well and the Spirit was there. That's why we were a bit confused to why he was acting that way. All his family was there with us and as we left we talked about the lesson, you know, the normal how things went and how we are gonna burn him the next lesson.

In the planning session after dinner we got a call and it was from Oscar. He talked with Elder Sanchez saying he was sorry and that we wasn't being fair and true to us. He told us some personal things that were happening and we saw his real necessity. He asked us to pass by his house this Sunday to pick him up and all of his family to go to church. He said it is finally time that he humbles himself and goes to a church! We were awestruck. God is a God of miracles and he always has been. He continues working miracles today because he loves us! He shows us every day.

We are also preparing another family - The Rojas family. Noe, the step-dad is around 40. His wife (same age) named Angela is super cool and has a testimony. She came to church once. Angi her 15 yr old daughter has been to church 4 times and is cool too. Her brother Alejandro doesn't listen to us. Edu, the 6 yr old is Angela and Noe's son together. He is a bounder. None of them have committed to baptism. They are on different paths of progress. The mom needs a bit more time to repent and the Dad still isn't "convinced" as he sometimes says but they are a great family.

Saturday night we finally asked her straight up - So when are you going to get baptized? She told us after we finish all the pamphlets she will get baptized. That made us laugh because it is a requirement anyway haha. She is awesome and has a testimony. She is already halfway through 2 Nephi and that is all Isaiah stuff. They have about 2 months of investigators time but they didn't visit them much before I got here. I know this family has a lot of potential. We found two new families this week as well and we still need to have a good lesson with them to better get to know them but I am excited.

The ward here is good. The bishop is a great guy who just overcame cancer in his throat or something like that. Now his throat has a hole in it and he talks a bit different. They call him a gringo because he can't pronounce very well his R's hehe. There is a decent amount of support but there are absolutely no home teaching nor visiting teaching reports. We are having an activity, like a training, this Thursday for all the Priesthood and Relief Society. Hopefully this will help. It will interfere with my English class so it better be good haha.

Time to get down to business here 'cause there is a ton of potential, and as you can probably all see, the Lord is on our side and working miracles according to our faith.

Elder Wilcox


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