Monday, March 21, 2016

21 March 2016 Letter

This week our Mission President, President Boswell, sent us this letter.  I think it is great and it really made me think about the things I was to do differently this week.  I know the things of which he testified are true.
Apreciados Elderes y Hermanas, 
Les invito ésta semana a recordar a nuestro Salvador Jesucristo.
En cada contacto recordar como Él habló a todos...siempre levantando y aliviando dudas y dolores.
En cada lección recordar como Él enseñó...siempre con amor y según la necesidad.
En cada paso recordar como Él caminó...siempre con propósito y con una buena disposición.
En cada oración recordar como Él oró...siempre con fe y con verdadera intención.
Hace más de dos mil años, Él nos dio el ejemplo perfecto. 
Él vivió, enseñó, sufrió en el jardín de Getsemaní, dio su vida en la cruz, y resucitó y lo hizo porque Él amaba al Padre y a nosotros. 
Les invito esta semana a repasar la última semana de Él estudiando estos capítulos y versículos durante sus estudios:
- Mateo 26-28
- Marcos 14-16
- Lucas 22-24
- Juan 16-21
- Doctrina y Convenios 19:15-19
Testifico con todo el poder de mi corazón que Él nos salvó de la muerte física y espiritual. Por medio de Él tendremos la inmortalidad y podemos alcanzar la vida eterna. Yo sé que vive mi Señor y yo le amo con todo mi corazón.
Representamos a Él, trabajaremos por y para Él. 
Les invito ésta semana a ser un poquito más como Él.
Well, this week was a bit difficult as far as lessons go because we pretty much never have anyone to accompany us and that makes things really hard.  All the great contacts we have can't turn into news because we can't go back and enter in the home.  It is a bit frustrating but we are there working with the members trying to gain as much confidence possible to get them to help us.

We did find a brother who lives in our area but has been attending at Los Ficus, a church building much closer to our area.  This is the case with many families we have heard of but do not personally know them unfortunately.  We found one named Mario.  He is an Elder and his wife is a less-active member.  He has decided to be obedient and come with us to church.  He is an example to me because from what I hear, Los Ficus is a strong ward and the members are super great and friendly, something our newly converted branch-into-ward is still working on.  He is now accompanying us and helping a bit.

The Lord is providing.  Our goal is to find and visit all these members and families that live in our area but go to Los Ficus and try to help them understand.  The ultimate goal is a branch in our area according to the bishop because we are so far away from the chapel.  I agree with him and am supporting him.  Elder Sanchez as well, along with most of the members that live here.  That is what we are working on and we feel a new sense of purpose, a sense that the Lord is on our side in this, supporting us.  It is a really comforting feeling.  To work!

Also, Angi was baptized on Saturday and it was great.  Lots of people came to support her.  She is one of the strongest converts I have ever taught.  She is already the most faithful of all the Young Women in our ward, and has 100% attendance in seminary.  On Sunday I was able to confirm her a member and confirm the Holy Spirit as well.  I never have confirmed anyone and it was so cool.  I am still amazed at how the Spirit guided my words.  I just waited and the words came to me like someone was literally whispering them to me in my ear.

I know that the Priesthood is the authority to use the power of God.  I feel that so strongly.  The Holy Ghost is so key in that Priesthood and I am grateful to have that restored authority on the Earth today.  Pics will come.  Her parents both came to church and stayed the three hours along with Oscar and his family!!!

Love the mission!

Elder Wilcox


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