Sunday, July 19, 2015

8 June 2015 Letter

Hello everybody!

So, to start off my fourth transfer of the mission, I got a new companion!  We said good bye to Elder Espinel after a Monday afternoon of mixed emotions.  We visited some families and he said his goodbyes.  We ate out 'cause a member payed for us.  It was fun.  On Tuesday morning we made the switch and I got Elder Chiroque.  About him:

Elder Chiroque is 20 years old and has almost 19 months in the mission.  He is from Piura, Peru up north where Maclain Underwood will serve his mission coming up pretty soon.  He has an inexplicable amount of energy.  He is a master when it comes to soccer, even better than Elder Espinel.  He is super funny and really nice.  He can get along with anyone.  He loves talking to people and gaining the people's confidence.  He laughs a lot and loves to sing. Sometimes, it have to tell him to shut up during personal study 'cause he hums hymns really loud haha.  I love him so far and love seeing a different way of teaching.  He has a little more experience and I can tell.  However, he has not learned English so we only can talk in Spanish.  I am okay with that now, it would have been a little harder if he was my companion when I first started.  I have already seen a small leap in my Spanish abilities 'cause now it is nothing but Spanish.  I love it.

I had a few dreams this week.  And they were in Spanish.  One was really weird 'cause my grandma was yelling at me in Spanish, the one on my Dad's side, with whom I have never spoken in Spanish.  Haha it was really funny.  But I am really starting to worry less about the language because it isn't as much of a problem anymore.  I now see that there are way more important things that I need to worry about, like helping people and growing spiritually.  It is nice to have one less thing to worry about.  I have loved these first four months but they have been the most difficult probably in all of my life.  But I have never learned as much in four months in any time of my life as I have in these four months.

This week we were able to watch a bit of the funeral of Elder L. Tom Perry.  His son spoke as well as some apostles.  I love hearing from them and I can feel such a strong spirit.  I know they are prophets called of God.  I can feel their powerful testimonies.  They always say that they are special witnesses and testify that Jesus Christ lives.  That is super special.  We have people that literally know that Christ lives.  We are so blessed to have their direction and I know they are true prophets and apostles.  It is important that we have a testimony of them, because modern-day revelation is one of the most important things we have in the world today.  It is what proves that this church is true.  I testify that is true.


Elder Wes Wilcox

Pollo a la brasa en Rokys
(Grilled chicken at Roky's)


Cenando con familia Fabian - ultima noche con Elder Espinel
(Dining with the Fabian family - last night with Elder Espinel)

Rodrigo y yo
(Rodrigo and me)

Futbol con el distrito anterior
(Soccer with the former District)

Last day in the pension (home of the family with whom we eat our meals) with Elder Espinel

Yo y Elder Birch con nuestro papa. (he trained the both of us)
(Elder Birch and me with our 'Dad')

Crazy soccer fan Elder Chiroque y yo

Templo haha

Crazy kids. I am holding Luis Manuel and he has David Beckham


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