Sunday, July 19, 2015

15 June 2015 Letter

Week 20

Well I am glad for the word patience. I would be dead without it. The first few weeks of my mission were so difficult with the amount of diseases I had, not being able to understand the people, not being able to express my thoughts, and dealing with everything new. I am so glad I was patient and trusted in the Lord because it paid off. I now have absolutely no problem understanding the people. I can say almost everything I would like to and without looking stupid too. I am amazed at how far we can come in just a few months. I know it is all because of the Lord.

      In The Book of Mormon (Alma 26) when Ammon is having a lot of success, he begins to glorify in the Lord and speak of all the great things that he and his brother, Aaron, were able to do. Then Aaron says to Ammon, hey bro. Be careful. I think your success has led you to be a bit prideful and brag. Then Ammon says to him I am not bragging about my own strength nor in my own wisdom, but my joy is full and my heart rejoiceth in my God. (excuse the rough translation - I only have my scriptures in Spanish) Then he says. I know I am nothing, with regards to my strength, I am weak. So I don't brag of my own self but I glorify myself in my God, because with His strength I can do all things. Behold we have worked many grand miracles in this land, for the which we shall praise his name forever more.

      I love the example of Ammon here. He is so humble and realizes he is nothing without God. I know I am nothing, just a punk 18 year old kid, without my Heavenly Father. By myself, I am weak. I am not so smart. I don't know very much. I can't do many things. With the strength of Him, I can do all things. I am strong. I can know all things, and people cannot confound me. Even when it is in another language, haha. I also love the example of Nephi, who also realized the same thing.  Nephi always prayed to the Lord for help.  But he didn't ask for a problem to be solved or for a miracle.  He always asked to receive the strength necessary to be able to do it.  I have been trying to do that as well.  I want the Lord to know that if there is anything difficult or even simple He needs done, I can do it with His strength.

       Sorry if a lot of my ls are ks or the other way around. This keyboard is awful. Well this week was great, we had a lot of success and will be baptizing a lot next month.  Probably after I get transferred. Figures.  But I am glad for the things I learn every day from reading the scriptures and especially the Book of Mormon.  I invite you all to study it as well and treat it as the treasure it really is.  We would be lost without it.  I know it is the word of God and is we hold to it, we can receive grand blessings. Love all you guys. Hasta luego!

Elder Wilcox


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