Sunday, July 19, 2015

22 June 2015 Letter

Week 21

Hey everyone! Elder Wilcox reporting in again.  We are halfway done with the transfer and we are doing well.  The area is finally progressing, we have a lot of new people to teach, a lot of people with baptismal dates.  We are planting a lot of seeds here in this ward, and even if I am not here to baptize these people and start teaching others, I am still super happy to be a part of the work.  I am so excited to watch those seeds I planted grow. I don't know if I will stay or go, but I know that whatever happens, it is for the best and it is what the Lord wants. 

So I just wanted to tell you a bit about what we did on Sunday, yesterday. They just finished the second temple here in Peru, in the North, in a city called Trujillo.  For those that might not know, until it is dedicated, it really isn't in function.  So the dedication is a ceremony where they dedicate the building as a temple, and seal the cornerstone to the building.  There is almost always a member of the First Presidency that comes and an Apostle.  So President Uchtdorf came along with Elder Bednar.  It was such a cool thing to see.  Towards the beginning the satellite broadcast cut out and we could only hear.  The whole stake was there and you could see how sad they looked.  My companion and I decided to say a prayer.  We did right there and about one second after we finished, it came back on and we didn't have any problems the rest of the time.  It was amazing and I know that our Father was listening and heard our pleas. 

As yesterday was Father's day, I remembered my dad, my grandpa, and all the father figures I have had in my life but I thought especially how we have our Father in Heaven.  I think if we tried to remember him more we will be able to feel his love more every day.  Let us try to make every day Father's Day.  I promise you all blessings, Love you.

Elder Wilcox

Service project painting at the home of the Roncal Family

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