Monday, February 8, 2016

8 February 2016 Letter

*Last week we received no letter from Wesley due to the technical difficulties at the Internet Cafe in their neighborhood

This week was so awesome. We contacted like crazy we talked with over 150 people, which is about 100 more than normal. Each one is about 2 -5 minutes, so you can imagine a lot of time knocking doors hahaha! It was super cool though because we were blessed to find a lot of new people to teach.

We found one 17 year old girl named Mayli and she is super cool. She was really receptive and willing to learn. She knows a Mormon family that lives down the street. She is progressing really well. We found her Thursday and then on Sunday she came to church all 3 hours. That afternoon we went to her house and taught her the Restoration and challenged her to baptism. She is getting baptized on the 6th of March.

Also, Juan Carlos Baldeón, Alisson's dad, has a baptismal date for the same day. He is super cool and said that he received his answer that he knows these things are true. On Sunday he only came the first two hours because his work called him in. He never works Sundays, but we haven't taught the Sabbath Day yet, so that is next on the list. We found a lot of others as well who have great potential. The Lord really blesses us with new people when we show we are dedicated to finding more.

The bad news is this. I have transfers. They are sending me to the Central Stake to the Villa Hermosa ward. My new comp will be Elder Sanchez from my group and Elder Gonzalez will hold down the fort here in Santa Clara 2. He goes home is 6 weeks!

Crazy how the time flew in this transfer. I learned a lot. So now they do the transfers differently and they tell us the transfers on Monday morning, so from now on I can let you know where I will be going. Elder Wilson and Elder Flores are staying together another transfer.

Lets see what the Lord has prepared for me.

Till next week,

Elder Wilcox

Elder Chris Tadje and Wes
(A big 'Thank You' to Trina Tadje for the photo!
We don't know anything about the photo but are
happy to see these young men serving side by side.)

(Also, it looks like we ought to suggest that Wesley
wear a jersey that does not advertise beer.)


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