Monday, February 22, 2016

15 February 2016 Letter

New area, new comp, new opportunities! Here I am in Villa Hermosa en la Estaca Central. It is sweet. We are a lot closer to downtown Lima so it is hotter, more humid, and has wayyy worse air quality. It is way more alive here in the nighttime. I am in the chillest part of the stake. My area is the safest of all. That's always good news, because that really should not be an impediment to the work.

My new companion is Elder Sanchez! We were in the CCM together! We actually have a lot in common and we get along super well. This week we worked super hard, getting back to the room exhausted every night.

I got here and there was nothing. The last Elder here maybe wasn't trying his best and they couldn't get a lot of work done. Elder Sanchez was excited to finally get to work so I was too. We were able to get two people to come to church and they are going to get baptized now. It is crazy. Just a little bit of work here and the Lord does the rest, as long as the person is doing their part as well.

We are teaching a super cool family from Colombia right now that live in the giant apartment complex in my area. Hopefully we can work with them, because their 15 yr old daughter came to church yesterday and is showing progress. She and her mom actually read the Book of Mormon every day! How cool is that? We have a lot of people here who can progress. We need to work hard in this transfer of 7 weeks and I know we will see fruits! Blessings always come.

I will try to send some pics of my comp and me along with a pic of the activity we did on Saturday. It was a movie night and it was a success for us.

Elder Sanchez (22 yrs old, from Chimbote, Peru,
and loves Age of Empires!)

The Room

Our movie night! We watched Meet the Mormons
(in Spanish though, haha)


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