Monday, September 7, 2015

31 August 2015 Letter

Original message, unedited:

Hola mamá, ¿como estás?  Te amo y te extraño muchísimo.  Yo he estado pensando en ustedes mucho en esta semana y espero que todos estén bien y felices con el nuevo año de escuela.

Ahora me imagino que te encuentres allí en casa, solita todo el día.  Quiero que nosotros, ahora que tu tienes mas tiempo libre, que podamos leer El Libro de Mormón juntos en este cambio.  Mas o menos, tenemos que leer como 6 capítulos cada día.  Termina el 6 de octubre!  Sería super genial hacer esto contigo.

Pero, ahora con la carta semanal:

Oh!  Tambien ya recibí un paquete de Tía Jenny (de Dave).  Y tambien para que cuando me envien el paquete... quiero algo media extraña ... Instant oatmeal!!  To show my comps and 'cause I love blueberries and cream!!  And we eat in our apartment every morning!

I don't have time for a weekly letter but we saw Elder Bednar this week and he answered one of my questions.  Also, Cornejito and I are still together in the good old Tierra Prometida de Ñaña!!

Elder Wilcox

Interpretation of Spanish portion above:

Hi Mom, how are you?  I love and miss you so much.  I've been thinking about you all a lot this week and I hope everyone is fine and happy with school having begun.

Now I imagine that you find yourself there in the house, by yourself all day.  I'd like it if we, now that you have more free time, could read the Book of Mormon together during this transfer.  More or less, we have to read like 6 chapters each day.  The transfer ends on 6 October!  It would be super cool to do this with you.

But, now on with the weekly letter:

Oh!  I also received a package from Aunt Jenny (Dave's Jenny).  And also, when you send me the package . . . I'd like something a little strange . . . Instant Oatmeal!

End of interpretation.

The Zone finding out about the cambios (transfers)

Crazy haircut

Only 20 Soles ($6.19 US)

Brianna hahaha

With Sebastian

My new nightly routine: tea and Jesus the Christ
(not so new of a routine)

Workin' out like a Peruvian!


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