Sunday, March 8, 2015

4 March 2015 Letter

Week 5!

All I have been doing is teaching. Teach, teach, enseƱar. I wonder what it will be like to teach an actual lesson to an actual investigator, though. Well, I'll get to find out soon enough. This coming Saturday we teach in the field with a trainer so that should be great and scary too but it's OK. I only have 6 more days here in the CCM and I'm just itching to leave. My Spanish is nowhere perfect but I know I can get by.

Elder Wilson and I have been doing a lot better in our lessons. They were a bit rocky for a while but we have our groove down now so our lessons are much smoother. The teachers are only making it harder on us. I have been studying 150 new vocab words the past few days and it is seriously killer. It's a lot of work. I don't even know how I'm remembering this stuff. I know it's the gift of tongues but it's just kinda crazy actually seeing it at work. I do miss teaching with Elder Manzanera, my real companion, though. We get along so well and we're just both super laid back guys and we mesh super well. Hopefully I can feel comfortable with my trainer in the field. I pray for it every day, in fact.

My district is done with grammar lessons now. So all we do is teach and they leave the Spanish learning to us in our study time. We do have a lot of time but it's still super duper stressful. I love it though. I really do. So this week I hit my one month mark and the Hermanas in my district being all nice as they always are gave all us Elders each a paper filled with compliments to us. Just things they like about us. Mine was full of stuff like how they thought I was funny, or that I knew a lot of Spanish but I was humble about it, or they looked up to me, or they liked how I give small acts of service a lot. It really meant a lot to me. I know I probably sound like I'm prideful or building myself up as I'm writing this but I really loved that my hard work doesn't go unnoticed. It really pushes me to do even better. That's why they put us in districts. So we can all strengthen and learn from one another. I have learned so much from the Elders and Hermanas of district 112 and I love them all so much.

We had an action packed week and I don't have time to tell all about it. We had two devotionals. The one on Sunday night was in English!! The director of all the international MTCs spoke to us. He speaks about 8 different languages and helped put out chapter 7 of Preach My Gospel. The 'Learn the Language' section. Super smart dude. Anyway he gave an awesome talk about the power of Preach My Gospel. He said something like this: "Maybe the fact that 2 bedridden apostles told their secretaries what to correct and add to Preach My Gospel for months will help you to realize it is from God."  Pretty powerful.  I want to utilize Preach My Gospel more effectively and study from it much more. The second devotional was an Area Seventy who spoke on missionary work obviously. But he said something along the lines of "Don't be the missionary who counts every day he is closer to going home, but be the missionary that makes every day count."  I thought that was so cool. I don’t even want to go home yet so hopefully it doesn't come to that point, ha ha. No. But in all seriousness though, it is super hard not to count the weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. It really is. I want to make them count.

Love you all,

Elder Wilcox

These are the stinkin' courts we try to play on

Mi objectivo esta en las paredes de los corredores
(Translation: My objective is on the walls of the halls)

Bus ride home from the temple

Nice places

My most favoritest companion

The district again

Elder Manzanera getting ready for some ping pong. We've been playing
a lot and I lost 16-21 versus the MTC President this week. He's so good!

The Viking district and I


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