Wednesday, February 25, 2015

25 Feb 2015 Letter

OK I can buy most clothes here. The awesome Peruvian ties are only 5 american dollars so I have 4 now. And I have 2 legit Peru and Messi jerseys. Only like 7 dollars for each. I got my camera back today but I don't have a ton of pictures like last week.

Week 4

Hello everybody!! Well I heard about the Superbowl. Wasn't expecting the Pats to win at all. Elder Wilson, who is from Seattle, wouldn't talk for about 24 hours after he found out. I did get my camera back so the pictures can come in now. Well I ended up deciding with Elder Wilson to stay in our NorteAmericano district. And there were lots of reasons why we decided to stay along with all the other reasons it would have been great to leave. But we are staying in district 112. Because of our decision the teachers still wanted us to be challenged more so now we are a companionship only when we teach. SO about 4 hours out of the day we are companions. The teachers never speak to us in English and speak super fast Spanish. So they are obviously trying to make it hard for us but I feel like my Spanish has improved this past week more than it had the first 3 weeks. I'm learning grammar that I never even knew even in English.

So Thursday was super normal but Friday was a special day. Don't get your hopes up though. Elder Wilson and I came up with an idea for an office chair that could be used as a workout chair. We call it the Wilchair. SO hopefully I'm not giving my idea away. Anyway we also came up with an idea for a pringles company but without the chips. So all the same flavors: salt and vinegar, barbecue, chips and salsa, sour cream and onion, and more but nuts!! And also some of our Hermanas promised to invest.

OK crazy little story. One of the hermanas from one of the new districts that came in a couple of weeks ago is from Star, ID. She went to Eagle high and all. I got some pictures of her sweethearts dance and one of the dudes in the picture is this hermana's family's foreign exchange student. Her family emailed her the same picture of all the kids all dressed up that i received. Its a small Mormon world.

Saturday night we watched a couple of videos. the first one is a talk by Elder Rasband. Its a talk about how missionaries receive their calls. One of the apostles sits in a room with 2 big screens with the missionary's face and his info and all. The apostle then addresses the missionary as if he were talking directly to them. After a few minutes he receives the answer to where they should go. It was such a neat thing to hear. It makes me wonder which apostle chose my mission. For some reason I feel like it was either Ballard or Bednar.

Elder Wilson and I taught our first lesson on Monday and another one again on Tuesday. I feel like I can worry less about the language since we can both get along well enough and we can focus more on teaching. Its nice to feel the spirit in a lesson because we can all understand each other and actually engage in meaningful conversation. I do miss teaching with Elder Manzanera though 'cause we were getting pretty good together. His Spanish is getting so good too. He came in barely knowing Hola. Anyway till next time.

Elder Wilcox!

How our messy room usually looks.

How my top bunk looks. I use the top
of the dresser for my nightstand.

Never studied as much stuff with anyone before
this guy  - Elder Manzanera (companion) 

Front view of the Lima PerĂº Temple

This is the back of one of my tags. Zach might like it haha.
I miss him a ton. He was all I could think about today
in the celestial room and I was crying like a baby.


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