Wednesday, February 11, 2015

11 Feb 2015 Letter

Hello from way down south to everybody!!

Life here is pretty much the best :) This week has gone by waaaay faster than the first. There are 3 groups of gringos each with about 20 kids. The principios, intermedios, and avanzados. I am now an intermedio and we got a new group of Americans today so I'm excited to get to know them. I feel at home finally. I'm used to sleeping on the top bunk even if I may not like it! Spanish is such a fun language and the people here are such good people. They're all very nice and love to talk to us as we walk down the street. Every Wednesday after the temple a group of us go to the grocery store and get snacks and Inca Kola. There is also a Mormon store across the street from the temple we like to go to. They sell amazing Peruvian knit ties that are only 15 soles!! (5 bucks). Most things here are pretty cheap. The secretary here at the CCM is so nice! I also happen to know her! Her name is Hermana Valenzuela and she is my friend's sister! David is a great friend from California who moved from Peru a few years ago but his older sister stayed here! She is awesome. She always wants to talk with me and help me with anything. She got me a couple of gifts I couldn't be more grateful for. Chapstik and a scriptures case. The best!

The food here is always the same
Breakfast: eggs and rolls
Lunch: Meat, rice, potatoes, rolls
Dinner: Meat, rice, potatoes, rolls
I really enjoy the food actually. The best part is actually the drinks they offer. All they give us is juice. Maracuya, mango, piƱa, melon, and limonada are some of my favorites :)

I love all the people here. I've gotten to know the CCM president and the teachers and doctors fairly well. I love them all even though sometimes they may seem a bit strict. I know they are preparing me to be the missionary I should be though. They are all so loving and want to help us. I especially love all the missionaries though. My district has become my group of best friends. I love all my elders and the sisters are amazing. They seem so ready to serve. I guess the sisters are just very different from us elders. They are so loving and tell everyone that they love them and they love to serve and are sweet and they love EVERYTHING. I'm glad to serve and learn from them cuz us elders are very to the point and state doctrine. Anyway I know we were all put in a district to learn from each other. I love spending time with all the elders. They are the coolest guys ever.

In church on Sunday we had a lesson where our branch president said we are so blessed to teach heavenly fathers children. I realized how sacred and important my calling is. I know that I am preparing to teach a city of 12 million people. I've got lots of work to do and I'm excited to get out there. MY calling is sacred and I know I am called of God. I want to serve Him and I will not let him down. I know this church is true. I know my purpose for the next two years. Well, 102 weeks. Not that I'm counting.

Elder Wilcox
Elder Wilson (closest to me) and Elder Manzanera (my companion)

This is Elder Turin below, a native of Peru headed to a different mission in Peru.
We are best buds. He left to the field yesterday.


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