Saturday, August 22, 2015

17 August 2015 Letter

So this week was super cool.  We had a great week number-wise.  We were able to meet and have interviews with President Boswell.  We had two baptisms and a great Sunday.  Today we are going up to Chosica to play soccer with that zone.  I will be able to see Elder Espinel and Elder Wilson. Should be a blast.  I think we are going to play soccer.

This week I have really noticed that my companion, Elder Cornejo, and I are really learning how to work together, and we are getting to know the area better.  So, we are working better and more efficiently.  Using your time wisely and with responsibility is something we really learn here in the mission.  I am glad I am learning this stuff because before, I wasn't even a bit responsible or wise with my time.  It really is a valuable lesson.  President said we might be staying together another transfer, which I would love.

The baptism was also great.  We baptized two primary aged kids named Arez, and Suha.  They are super smart and are ready to be members.  We have another baptism planed the following week, and another investigator just committed to a date for the week after that.  Hopefully all will go well.  I know lots of times it doesn't, but I have found it is better to have faith in and trust the people, even if we get disappointed.  We develop a greater love for that person, and that is what our Father in Heaven wants and I think it is what Jesus would do.

Elder Wesley Wilcox

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