Monday, May 11, 2015

11 May 2015 Letter

Week 15

This week was full of action! So on Monday we didn't have P-day because the next day we went to the temple. My companion got sick Monday and we had a rough time walking around as he was dying. But it was interesting seeing someone sick besides me! That night he asked me to give him a blessing and I gladly did so. That night he had a really rough time but in the Morning he was much much better. My testimony of the power of the Priesthood grew. Even though I know I could have given a better blessing in English, the power is the same and we both knew it would help. The power and faith were the same no matter what language we speak.

Tuesday we went to the temple and it was so great to be able to understand everything. It was the best!! It was fun to go back to La Molina and visit those sacred grounds. It had only been 2 months since I had been but felt like forever. It was a relaxing day. Then we got haircuts and finished our preparation for the week.

Wednesday was a special day. My companion completed one year in the mission! So after a good day of teaching, we came back to the room to do a tradition many missionaries like to do. At the year mark, it is customary to burn a white church shirt to signify one year gone and one more to go. It was super fun burning it and playing a bit with fire :) I think it really hit Elder Espinel that he has been out a year and doesn't have much time left.

Thursday we had a great day with tons of lessons and about 6 new investigators. We have really been working hard on finding new investigators and have been studying hard in Preach my Gospel on how we could find new people to teach. We have been working with the members more and talking to everyone on the street. We have been knocking doors and doing small acts of service whenever we see the opportunity. It has been working.

This week I have really seen something in Preach my Gospel come to pass. That a missionary’s success is based on how committed they are to finding people and teaching them. As we make that our goal, we accomplish it. I have also been able to meet a lot of new missionaries. Some of these guys have tons and tons of baptisms and have been out for 18 months but I can see they haven't learned a thing. Sometimes disobedient missionaries have success. Sometimes the ones that don't even want to be here and have terrible attitudes baptize lots of people and have high numbers in their weekly reports. We are here to change the people, yes. But also ourselves and the people back home. I have made it a goal to have a great attitude always. I have seen that I don't miss my family and that days go by faster and my study time is more meaningful as I really lose myself in the work. President Hinckley advises that if we want to be happy we should lose ourselves in the service of our Heavenly Father and others around us. I love working here and am really starting to realize that I need to give my all. It is the best thing I can to for the Lord right now. I have more to say but not enough time so I will talk to you all next week. Love you all and thank you all for the prayers.

Off to go play futbol!! And eat Peruvian hamburgers!

Elder Wes Wilcox


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